Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance & End Supplier Failure Insurance

Gow-Gates is very pleased to provide you with more details on the new insurance products we have been working on in conjunction with International Passenger Protection (IPP) and AFTA.  
These products are underwritten by IPP who are a London based company with enviable credentials – 23 years experience in the field of financial failure insurance for the Travel Industry – pioneering the products that are available in the market today. They operate in over 30 countries around the world.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance & End Supplier Failure Insurance

These provide cover for you to be able to protect your customers should the airline or end supplier, such as a Coach Company or Hotel Chain, that you have booked them with become insolvent.  
If you have a policy you will have the ability to contact your client and advise them you will be able to reimburse them for the original cost of their ticket.  If they are stranded abroad, you will be able to contact them and organise repatriation for them up to your policy limit (as getting them home can sometimes cost substantially more than the original ticket).  Finally, should your passengers panic and go straight to their bank for a charge-back, you will be reimbursed under your policy. 
Overall you can give your clients peace of mind that their money is protected when booking air tickets through you should the airline collapse giving value to your brand to maintain existing clients, creating new clients and preventing charge backs.
As a Policy Holder, you will have access to a 24/7 Alert Service providing you with valuable information on Airlines if there should be a potential problem. IPP have extensive knowledge on the airline industry and are able to provide you with regular email bulletins in order to help protect your brand.
Should you be advised that an airline will no longer be covered due to threat of insolvency or actual insolvency, it will still provide coverage for the tickets you have sold up until the date of that advice, and also give you the ability to decide whether you make the commercial decision to stop selling that particular airline.
The cost can be passed on to the client and a margin can be added to provide you with a revenue stream for the additional service you are providing.
For example, you can include the cost per ticket as an “Airline Failure Administration Fee” and if you wish, you can include at a higher amount.  This will assist to cover the cost of work involved in re-booking passengers if there was a collapse.  You may also choose to incorporate it in an increase in your booking fees, or absorb the cost yourself – completely up to your business.  The only thing you cannot do is refer to it as an Insurance Fee as you are NOT selling insurance – the policy belongs to you.  You are the Policyholder and the Beneficiary.

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