Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance is designed to address one of the inherent risks of business: the risk that your debts will not be paid. Whether it is one big loss or an accumulation of small losses, non-payment of invoices can make a big impact on your business’s liquidity and jeopardise your solvency.

The most common causes of trade credit risk are:

  • Creditor insolvency (liquidation, receivership and bankruptcy)
  • Protracted default (continued non-payment)
  • Political risks in an overseas export market (e.g. Contract Frustration, Export Restriction, Currency Inconvertibility and Expropriation)

When you protect your business against the risk of unpaid trade debts, you gain the benefits of:

  • Protecting profit / shareholder equity
  • Trading with confidence and sell into broader markets
  • Access to independent credit risk assessment
  • Improved credit management procedures
  • Offering additional security to your own suppliers and financiers

Gow-Gates designs trade credit risk management and insurance solutions to meet the needs of business. We can structure an insurance solution that provides you with  traditional whole of ledger cover, major debtor cover, specific debtor cover, catastrophe cover (aggregate first loss), supplier default (anticipatory credit).

In addition, we can assist you with:

  • Receivables Finance
  • Structured Trade / Finance

To find out more about our Trade Credit services, please contact one of our experts using the details on the right.


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