Contractual Risk Review

When dealing with contracts, it is essential to know and understand your contractual liabilities and obligations, what exposures are created under a contract, what to do when a contract dispute arises, and whether or not an insurance policy responds to events arising from the performance of the contract.

Gow-Gates will review your service contracts in the light of your contracts for insurance to check you are not accepting contractual liabilities outside the scope of your insurance program.

Services we can assist you with include:

  • Review of insurance policies to ensure they meet any contractual liabilities accepted
  • Negotiation of favourable contract terms
  • Review and amendment of contractual clauses, particularly in relation to insurance and indemnity clauses
  • Advice in relation to the minimisation and transfer of risk?

For more information on our Contractual Risk Review services, contact one of our experts using the details on the right.