Types of Insurance

Gow-Gates can provide you with a variety of insurance policies including:



Houseowners/ Householders

Landlords Insurance

Multirisk/ General Property

Advanced Profits

Consequential Loss of Profits (Business Interruption)

Crop Insurance

Oil and Gas

Fine Arts / Valuables

Industrial Special Risks

Negative Film and Tape

Motor Vehicle / Comprehensive Motor Vehicle

Film Producer’s Property


Liability, Crisis Management, Financial

Products Recall

Public and Products Liability

Professional Indemnity

Prospectus Liability

Errors and Omissions

Umbrella Liability

Medical Malpractice Liability

Pollution/ Environment Impairment Liability

Defamation / Libel and Slander

Product Guarantee

Trustees Liability

Intellectual Property (infringement of copyright etc.)

Legal Expenses

Builders Warranty

Information Technology

Extortion – Kidnap and Ransom

Malicious Product Tamper / Contaminated Products

Terrorism Liability

Motor Vehicle Compulsory Third Party

Asbestos Liability

Property Terrorism and Sabotage

Host Employer Liability

Fidelity Guarantee

Computer Crime / Cyber Attack Insurance

Forged Share Transfer

Loss of Licence



Directors & Officers / Management Liability

Association Liability

Mortgage and Lease Guarantee

Mortgage Protection

Credit Insurance

Product Performance Guarantee

Film Producer’s Indemnity & Cast

Media Content

Film – Extra Expenses




Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown – Business Interruption

Deterioration of Stock

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Explosion

Computer excluding Breakdown

Computer including Breakdown

Electronic Equipment




Marine Cargo - World

Marine Cargo – Local Sending’s

Carriers Liability

Pleasure Craft

Charterers’ Liability

Commercial Hull

Advanced Profits

Watercraft Liability

Boat Builders Liability

Mariner Liability

Marine Static Property Risks

Container Liability



Construction – Property

Performance Bonds

Construction – Liability

Contract Penalties/ Liquidated Damages

Advanced Profits

Inherent Defects




Airport Owners/ Hangar Keepers

Loss of Licence

Aviation Liability


Accident and Health and Employee Benefits


Health Benefit Plans

Life Assurance


Additional Accident Pay

Loss of License

Salary continuance


Work Cover Top Up


Expatriate Medical and Evacuation Cover

Extra – Territorial Workers’ Compensation

Corporate Travel

Journey Protection

Personal Accident and Illness

Group Personal Accident and Illness



Bankers’ Blanket

Bonds - (Non-Construction)

Bonds - Customs and Payment

Bonds - Liquidate and Bankruptcy

Bonds - Other

Cancellation/ Abandonment

Computer Crime


Trade Credit

Jewellers Block

Livestock/ Bloodstock

Taxation Audit

Work Cover Top-Up (NSW)

Extended Warranty

Political Risk Insurance

Contract Repudiation Insurance

Confiscation, Expropriation and Nationalisation Insurance

Wrongful Calling of Guarantee