Business Expenses Insurance

Running a successful business takes time, money and lots of hard work. So insuring your business needs to be top of mind when you are thinking about what might happen if you were temporarily or totally incapacitated and unable to work.

For instance, would you be able to pay:

  • Staff salaries?
  • Rent on your place of business?
  • Phone, gas and electricity?
  • Leasing expenses for equipment and vehicles?
  • Repairs and maintenance?

Business expenses insurance helps keep your business going by reimbursing your fixed expenses if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. Premiums are usually tax deductible and can be packaged with income protection insurance to make sure both your personal income and your work expenses are covered.

Whatever business you are in, business expenses insurance is a key business risk strategy.

Gow-Gates’ team of financial advisers are qualified professionals. We take the time to thoroughly investigate a ‘best fit’ for your circumstances to help ensure that you and your family are well protected. We help you to:

  • Review your existing cover
  • Identify your insurance needs
  • Select  the appropriate insurance
  • Select the appropriate level of cover
  • Start the insurances on your behalf

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