Income Protection

Would your family cope if the main income earner in your family has an accident or becomes ill and unable to work for an extended period? How long could you meet life’s everyday costs, such as the rent or mortgage, utility bills, school fees or car payments?

Income protection insurance helps to replace your earnings if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. It pays a monthly benefit so you can focus on your recovery without extra financial stress.

There are many different types of income protection available and the types of cover vary. Gow-Gates can help you choose the most appropriate policy for your needs. For example, we can help you select:

  • A ‘waiting period’. This is the nominated  time between you becoming sick or injured and receiving your first payment.
  • A ‘benefit period’. This is the period during which you receive your income protection payments.
  • The right amount of income protection cover.
  • Between an 'agreed value' contract or an 'indemnity' contract. An ‘agreed value’ contract usually means that the monthly payment will be the amount you receive if you make a claim. An ‘indemnity’ contract usually means that the monthly payment will be assessed when you make a claim.

Gow-Gates’ team of financial advisers are qualified professionals. We take the time to thoroughly investigate a ‘best fit’ for your circumstances to help ensure that you and your family are well protected. We help you to:

  • Review your existing cover
  • Identify your insurance needs
  • Select  the appropriate insurance
  • Select the appropriate level of cover
  • Start the insurances on your behalf

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