Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance is one of the major expenses to a business. It is also an insurance which is often mismanaged.

Gow-Gates understands the importance of prudent management of a Workers Compensation insurance policy to your business. Our team of specialists focuses solely on helping clients to manage occupational health and safety and mitigate the expense of their Workers Compensation premium.

Your needs will be addressed by a comprehensive program developed by our specialist team to fulfill your needs. Our service can include:

  • Premium Management: Effective management of workers compensation costs through premium reviews to ensure you pay the correct premium and can accurately forecast future workers compensation costs.
  • Strategic Claims Management: Regular strategic claims reviews to ensure that your insurer is managing claims to meet your goals.
  • WorkCover appeals: Negotiating claims and premium costs with insurers on your behalf
  • Statistical Analysis: Assessment of claims and injury management to identify the duration and frequency of injuries, lost time and claim trends. The objective is to implement effective risk management initiatives.
  • Work Health & Safety: Arrange for reputable providers to identify your current standard of WHS compliance, and then manage the development and the implementation of training programs to ensure compliance with Australian Standard 4801.
  • Injury Management: Review compliance with injury management legislation and facilitate the Benchmark Injury Management Assessment program to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in your program, identify steps to improve injury management practices and benchmark your system against a baseline in your industry group.
  • Managing your risk management fees: Risk management fees can assist you to improve workplace claims and injury outcomes.
  • Premium Funding: Workers compensation premiums can be paid monthly to improve cash flow and free up capital.
  • Provider reviews: Effective internal and external provider relationships are integral in managing workers compensation claims. We can review your existing provider agreements and assist you to align provider service delivery with your needs.
  • Service Level Agreements: Introduction of tailored service level agreements with your insurer, your preferred rehabilitation provider and legal providers to ensure all parties work in unison.
  • Education and Training: Education on legislative changes and developments in the workers compensation industry.
  • Alternative insurance schemes – self insurance and retro-paid loss: We can assess whether self-insurance or the burning-cost premium model is appropriate for you. We assess the status of your current policy and the cost of developing an alternative insurance system. We assess the best option for your organisation now and into the future and arrange an audit of your processes, procedures and claims to ensure they deliver the most efficient, productive and cost-effective outcomes.

To find out more about our Workers Compensation services, please contact one of our experts using the details on the right.